Special Orders:

Vulture Culture greeting cards can always think of something to squawk about, especially written for you. Naughty or nice, golf or bowling, male or female. Or, send for blank cards and express your own scentiments.

In addition, Business Greeting cards are the answer to personal and professional business communications. Writing the average business letter can take up to a half hour to create and send. The average business greeting card requires about 5 minutes to complete and send, which saves about 20-25 minutes per communication. Time that could be better spent doing something else. Plus, a card will make more of an impact–especially one designed by Vulture Culture.

Whether you have an important note to write, or just want to needle your business associates about the political climate, Vulture Culture has the answer. If you don’t like what we have to say, order blank Vultures and write from your own bird brain. We’ll help, if you ask us nice.

Think it over and send us your thoughts. Better yet, place an order. We’ll be hovering near by.

Contact us for more information or Click Here for the Wholesale Price List.

Vulture Culture