Bird Droppings


Vulture Culture greeting Cards, along with our other products, do not fit a traditional mold. Our motto is, “Insult Your Friends.” And, even though there are numerous competitors with characters such as, dogs, cats, alligators, and comics, the Vulture hits a nerve in a unique way.

The purpose of Vulture Culture is to offer an outlet for remarks, opinions and satire to counteract the proliferation of “sweet and gooey” greeting cards–and to, above all, make people laugh and see the humor in potentially bleak situations.

Our Vultures frequently say nasty, naughty, insulting, irreverent things. They offer an alternative to “Political Correctness.” The cards state things many folks today are afraid to voice, but can do so through an inanimate card of tongue-in-cheek black humor.

The concept of the cards was created by an old person waiting for the vultures. The cards are not free, like some big corporate cards, because the designers, printers and post office demand to be paid.

All Vulture items are black line drawings on a brown (vulture dirt) colored background. Cards and invitations include envelopes.  Special orders are available.  If you have something nasty to say that we haven’t thought of, let us know and our birds will peck it out.

Peck around, see what you like and send us an order. We need to feather our nest.

Vulture Culture